Adison Records is an influential creative music and visual media company out of Switzerland that was established in 2014. With our long term producers and partners we maintain friendly and productive relationships. By focusing on this, we have been able to establish a strong foundation as a reputable creative empire all over the world. We believe that strong connections and solid business relations are the foundation for all successful projects and solutions.

Our visual media and professional music productions have unique identities, with the potential to impress any ardent music listener or business community. For these reasons, as well as the passion and vision we contribute to every single production, we have become the home of choice to awarded studio musicians and major companies.

Our music has been featured as NR.1 radio hits and on major International radio stations as well as in music magazines. We also have had the privilege to work with major companies and awarded musicians over the past few years as music and media producers. For example:

  • Sarah Anne Taylor
  • Carlos Freitas (Grammy Awarded Mastering Engineer)
  • Richard Scott (Matt Maher, John Guerra)
  • Lara Landon Music
  • Steffany Gretzinger-Frizzell
  • Lester Estelle (Kelly Clarkson, Pillar)
  • Gary Lunn (Amy Grant, Drew Davidsen)
  • Dustin Burnett (Darling Parade, Royal Tailor)
  • Forerunner Music Group Artists
  • And many other top notch musicians.

As creative media and music company, we have unwavering focus on finding the perfect niche for unique independent music and media products in today’s competitive modern marketplace. We remain resolute in achieving this goal with every one of our clients. Team up with us today and let us write your success story together!


Music Productions 100%

Audio Mixing 100%

Graphic Design 100%

Lyric Video Productions 100%